Why You Should Mail Postcards

Postcard Mailing

There’s nothing quite like a postcard. They’re a quick and memorable way to reach out to someone, and for years they’ve been a hallmark of vacations and holidays. But they can truly shine when applied to business and marketing campaigns, serving as an inexpensive and effective way to communicate with both prospective and existing customers. U.S. Press recognizes this and offers affordable, effective postcards for your business’s direct mail marketing campaign needs.

Savvy business people continue to recognize the effectiveness of a direct mail marketing campaign in a digitally cluttered world. Postcards are an important part of any such campaign’s effectiveness. They’re unique, memorable and easy to produce. Compared to more complex printing projects, they’re a simple and inexpensive way to bolster your relationship with existing customers or make a strong impression with prospective clients.

One of the greatest benefits of custom postcards is how easy they are to incorporate in your company’s direct mail marketing campaign. From production through distribution, they’re both easy and inexpensive to produce. Even after a customer receives them, they retain their value: Postcards that contain promotions or incentives, reminders or calls to action are easily kept in a purse or wallet or on a bulletin board or refrigerator, keeping your brand in front of your customers’ eyes. Well-designed, attractive postcards are even more likely to be kept around, extending their effectiveness – and your ROI.

These powerful marketing cards are rather quickly produced as well. With U.S. Press, your order can be printed and prepped for mailing within four business days, allowing you to engage quickly with your customers.

Another benefit of postcards is their uniqueness. Designed and tailored to your specifications, custom postcards create a memorable image of your brand in customers’ minds. Additionally, research shows that personalizing postcards increases responses by 135%. Our presses are capable of such customization, through what’s known as variable data personalization, giving your business the flexibility it needs to relate to valued customers on a personalized level.

Postcards themselves are extremely versatile not just in their design but in their purpose. They’re especially useful in distributing promotions, coupons or loyalty rewards to valued customers, further bolstering the relationships you work hard to develop and maintain. They’re good for invitations or holiday greetings, and they work well when paired with existing digital marketing campaigns. Codes or coupons that are printed on the postcard and made redeemable online will allow your business to understand the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and your customers’ consumer habits, saving your business time and money.

U.S. Press is here to assist you in all of your business’s direct mail marketing needs, including postcards. Our postcards are printed on gloss covered heavyweight stock with UV coating featuring your design and message. This means your ideas will reach customers on a sturdy, attractive postcard they’ll be sure to appreciate. Our expert knowledge and printing capability ensure you’re getting the best product available. With postcards from U.S. Press, you can connect with customers in one of the most memorable, personal and cost-effective ways possible.

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