For over 40 years, U.S. Press has been providing direct mail services that businesses of all sizes can truly depend on. We offer both direct mail printing and mailing services for a variety of our printed products. From planning a campaign to rolling out your company’s next marketing strategy, we're here to provide easy and affordable direct mail marketing services. Choose U.S. Press as your printer from start to finish assistance with excellent direct mail services for your business.

Why Choose U.S. Press For Your Print And Mail Services?

Since 1981, U.S. Press has been providing businesses reliable and professional printing and mailing services. Our trusted direct mail printing and mailing services have stood out from other competitors for many reasons that all tie back to one principle: we genuinely care about the people we print for. From the uncompromising quality of the materials we use in our direct mail marketing services to the convenience of our entire process for each and every customer, our printing and direct mail services will help you quickly create customized direct mail campaigns that set your business apart from the competition. So whether you need letter mailers, vibrant company newsletters, or related options like brochure printing or custom business cards, we thank you for trusting U.S. Press for all of your customized print and mail services.

How Our Direct Mail Printing And Mailing Service Works

Choose Your Direct Mail Printing Product

Do you want to mail postcards, brochures, newsletters, or letter mailers? Choose your direct mail printing product above.

Get An Instant Price For The Printing

Customize your printing order to include quantity, size, paper, and mail details. Get an instant price using our quote calculator on each product page. Since we’re performing direct mail services for you, make sure you have selected “Include Mailing Services” to avoid a shipping fee.

Upload Your Artwork And Checkout

Directly in the quote calculator on the product page, click “Upload Your File & Order Now” to open the menu to upload your artwork and finalize your order. Before you upload your files, please familiarize yourself with our guidelines for preparing and saving files.

Send Us Your Direct Mailing List

After you checkout, you'll receive a link to upload your mailing list. We will then review your mailing list to determine the final details like quantity and postage cost.

Pay For Your Direct Mail Service Postage

Once your list has been processed, we will send you an invoice for the postage total. The invoice for postage must be paid three days prior to your mail drop date.

Our Print Experts Will Handle The Rest

We’ll print, address, prep, bundle, and deliver your pieces to USPS for you. Our print and mail services are meant to make the process easy. So sit back, relax, and watch your sales grow!

FAQs About Direct Mail Services

What is direct mail?

Direct mail is a targeted marketing strategy that involves the physical distribution of promotional items like brochures, postcards, or catalogs to a specific audience via mail services. This method targets specific audiences with tailored messages and offers, aiming to engage them and prompt a response, such as making a purchase or requesting more information. Direct mail is known for its personal touch and ability to stand out in a predominantly digital world.

What Type Of Direct Mail Product Works Best?

The best product for direct mail services are visually appealing materials like postcards, and catalogs. The best type depends on your audience's preferences, your marketing objectives, and the nature of your message. Consider these factors and test different formats to find the most effective approach for your specific needs.

Does Direct Mail Work Anymore?

Direct mail remains a highly effective and relevant marketing tool, especially when the right message is sent to the right audience. Studies show that advertising mail can stay in a home for an average of over 2 weeks, and catalogs for even longer. This prolonged exposure enhances the likelihood of driving actions such as website visits, purchases, and store visits​. So long as the message is providing value to the consumer, gaining this extended visibility with a larger audience will lead to more engagement over time.