Binding & Custom Booklet Printing

Check out our online booklet printing services to help increase your company's revenue. U.S. Press specializes in custom booklet printing to help your business succeed and grow your brand along the way. Custom printed booklets are a great way to promote your business, organize information, and showcase products. We offer three types of booklet booklet printing including perfect bound booklets, saddle stitch booklets, and thick stock booklets. And our customers love the vibrance offered by our full color booklet printing options.

For nearly 40 years, U.S. Press has been the trusted printer of choice for custom booklets and catalog printing. Our decades of experience mean you'll enjoy working with a team that will create high-quality, professional catalogs for you and your organization. We are your print booklet online experts - you can rely on us for all of the online catalog printing services you need.

Quick Booklet Printing Services

With our quick booklet printing, you can be sure that your booklets will all be consistent in quality. Request a quote to learn more about the value we can deliver to your business through our custom booklet printing services.

Custom Booklet Binding Options

There are two primary binding methods we use for booklets: saddle stitch and perfect bound.

Saddle stitching involves inserting staples into the spine and is ideal for smaller booklets and publications less than 96 pages. This method is most often used for product manuals, instruction guides and smaller booklets. Our saddle stitch booklets are easy to produce and an affordable way to bring your booklet to life. Our quick online booklet printing is a great way to get information out fast.

Perfect bound involves thermal gluing of pages along the book's spine and is best for volumes larger than 40 pages. Perfect bound books are designed for your more extensive business booklet printing and magazine-style printing needs. Use this binding method to create:

  • Price Booklets
  • Product Catalogs
  • Magazines
  • Self-published Books
  • Employee Manuals
  • Cookbooks
  • Company Handbooks
  • Yearbooks
  • Annual Reports

While our most popular options are for saddle-stitch and perfect bound booklets, we also offer spiral binding options which are great for cookbooks, presentations, manuals, and reports. We can also print and mail newsletters and other direct mail marketing booklets. Booklet printing services have never been easier.

Custom Booklets FAQ

How do I make a booklet online?

Simply, choose or upload your specifications and select each option through our list. You can submit your order online or simply give us a call for help with your order!

What are the different types of booklets?

Popular booklets include perfect bound, saddle stitch, spiral coil and wire coil booklets.

What is the most common type of book binding?

Saddle-stitch binding is the most common and cost-effective form of book binding.