Custom Brochures

Create professionally printed custom brochures with a trusted partner at U.S. Press. With a variety of brochure folds like tri-fold, bi-fold, and gate-fold to paper finishes including gloss and matte, we have everything you need. Whether you need a marketing brochure for product promotion or an informational brochure about your professional services, we can help bring your visions to life. Create full-color business brochures that truly stand out, with impeccable design and top-quality printing with U.S. Press.

Size: 8" x 9", 8.5" x 11", 8.5" x 14", 9" x 12", 9" x 16", 11" x 17", or 11" x 25.5"

Paper: 70# gloss or offset text, 80# gloss or matte text, 100# gloss or matte text, 80# gloss or matte cover, 100# gloss or matte cover

Printing: Full Color Both Sides (4/4)

Options: Hole Drilling

Fold: Half Fold, Tri Fold, Accordion Fold, Barrel Fold, Double Parallel Fold, Gate Fold, Z Fold, Half and Half Fold

Artwork: Print-Ready PDFs Preferred

Custom Brochures Help You Tell the Whole Story

Share your message with a well-designed custom brochure printed by U.S. Press. Packed with information for a small cost, business brochures will help you inform customers about your company, introduce new product lines, and point out key features and benefits of your products. With marketing brochures, you can highlight a business service or product features with plenty of text and full color images. Choose from half fold, tri fold, accordion, barrel fold, z fold brochures and more.

If you have any questions about business brochures or need any help with placing an order, contact us online or give our printing experts a call at 800-227-7377 and they will happily assist you. Trust U.S. Press for all your custom brochure printing needs, and let your message leave a lasting impression with your customers.

Tips For Designing Your Business Brochures

When it comes to creating compelling brochures for your business, every detail counts. From choosing the right paper to crafting an effective design, we're here to help you make a lasting impression. Here are some essential tips and considerations when ordering custom brochure printing services:

Choosing your brochure paper:

  • Paper Finish: Decide between gloss and matte finishes for your marketing brochure. Glossy papers offer a shiny appearance, ideal for showcasing products, while matte papers provide an elegant, professional look with less shine.
  • Paper Weight Options: Consider the weight of your brochure paper. We offer various options, including 70# and 80# text for cost-efficiency, and 100# text, our most popular choice. For a heavier feel, explore our 80# and 100# cover options in gloss and satin finishes.

Designing your custom brochure:

  • Strong Headline & Consistent Message: Craft a compelling headline and maintain a consistent message throughout your brochure.
  • Clear Call to Action: Encourage action with a specific call to action, prompting customers to contact your business or visit your website.
  • Use Bulleted Lists: Organize product features and key points in concise bulleted lists for easy readability.
  • Incorporate Colorful Images: Break up text-heavy sections with vibrant, high-resolution images to enhance visual appeal.
  • High-Resolution Images: Use only high-resolution images to maintain visual quality.
  • Include Contact Information: Ensure that your contact details, including phone number and website, are prominently displayed.
  • Font Style: Stick to a maximum of two font styles for a clean and professional appearance.
  • Display Effectively: Showcase your finished marketing materials in a holder within your lobby to maximize visibility.
Design a Brochure

We Offer A Variety of Brochure Folds

At U.S. Press, we understand that the art of presentation matters in marketing. That's why we offer large selection of brochure folds that can turn your printed materials into captivating and engaging marketing tools. Whether you're looking for a classic tri-fold brochure or something more unique like a gate fold brochure, our diverse range of brochure folding options allows you to showcase your message in style.

Tri-Fold Brochure

The tri-fold brochure is a timeless classic when it comes to brochure folds. It's perfect for presenting your information in a clear and organized manner. With two parallel folds, a tri-fold brochure divides your content into three equal sections, making it easy for your audience to navigate through your message.

Half-Fold or Bi-Fold Brochure

Simplicity meets elegance with the bi-fold brochure. This straightforward folding option involves a single fold down the middle, creating two panels.

Z-Fold Brochure

The z-fold brochure is a dynamic choice for those seeking a unique presentation. This type of brochure creates a zigzag effect, allowing you to reveal your content in an engaging sequence.

Gate-Fold Brochure

The gate-fold brochure style features two symmetrical folds that open like a set of gates, unveiling your content in a dramatic and visually stunning way.

Accordion-Fold Brochure

If you have a lot to say, the accordion-fold brochure is the perfect choice. This brochure folding style allows you to expand your content like an accordion, providing multiple panels to showcase your message in a compact and engaging format.

Double Parallel Fold Brochure

The double parallel-fold brochure has two parallel folds, dividing your content into four equal sections, making it easy for your readers to follow along.

Barrel Roll or Roll-Fold Brochure

For a creative twist on traditional folding, consider the roll-fold brochure. This unique brochure fold involves folding the paper in a way that resembles a barrel, creating a dynamic and interactive reading experience.

Marketing Brochures FAQ

What’s the standard size for brochures?

Our most popular brochure size is 8.5” x 11”. This size folds to 8.5” x 3 11/16” and is most commonly used for tri-fold brochures.

How do I layout my artwork for a marketing brochure?

For design guidelines, please refer to our complimentary layout templates here. They will help you properly layout your custom brochures for printing.

Can you mail my business brochures for me?

Yes, we offer complete mailing services to help you save both time and money with your direct mail campaigns. Our services include list processing (includes CASS and NCOA certification), addressing, sorting, bundling, tabbing, and delivery to USPS. To order mailing services with your brochures, simply select “Inkjet and Mailprep” under the mailing services option on our instant pricing calculator.

Can folded brochures be mailed without an envelope?

Yes, folded brochures can be sent as self-mailers. You must select at least an 80# text weight to meet USPS regulations. For best quality, we recommend 100# text weight or a cover weight.

What’s the difference between each brochure paper stock?

Gloss paper stocks will have a shiny appearance and are great to use when promoting products. Matte paper stocks have a velvet finish and thus less shine, which can give your marketing brochures an elegant, professional look. 70# and 80# gloss text are very lightweight and economical paper stocks. 70# uncoated text is a high quality, bright white uncoated paper stock, which makes it great for informational brochures with a lot of writing and forms.100# text is a high quality, medium weight paper and is our most popular option. 80# and 100# cover stocks offer a premium feel to your business brochures as they are thicker and heavier than text weight stocks.

Can I have my brochures folded to 5.5" x 8.5" for mailing?

Yes, this is an additional service we can provide in order for your custom brochures to mail at the letter rate. This is most commonly done on 11" x 17" brochures that are folded once to an 8.5" x 11", then folded once more to 5.5" x 8.5" to ensure they mail at the letter rate, not the flat rate. To add this additional brochure fold, select "Half and Half" under the folding options when placing your order above.

Custom Brochure Printing

Leave a Lasting Impression with Custom Brochures

For over 40 years, U.S. Press has been a reliable partner in the world of printing marketing brochures and other materials like calendars, vinyl banners, and yard signs. We take pride in crafting captivating custom brochures that speak volumes about your brand. Our commitment to quality, affordability, and customization shines through in every project we undertake. Whether you're looking to promote products with tri-fold brochures or convey a professional image with matte-finish accordion fold brochures, we have the expertise to make it happen.

Don't miss the opportunity to marketing game to the next level with beautifully designed and expertly printed custom brochures. Place your order for brochures today and experience firsthand how U.S. Press can help your business convey its message to your customers. Your success is our priority, and we're ready to assist you every step of the way. Start by placing your order above or reach out to our dedicated team at 800-227-7377 for personalized assistance. Your message deserves to shine, and U.S. Press is here to make it a reality.

Contact Us To Request a Custom Quote

70# Gloss Text: High quality, light text weight paper stock with a gloss finish on both sides.
70# Offset Text: High Quality, light text weight paper stock that is uncoated.
80# Gloss Text: High quality, medium text weight paper stock with a gloss finish on both sides.
80# Matte Text: High quality, medium text weight paper stock with a satin/dull finish on both sides.
100# Gloss Text: High quality, heavy text weight paper stock with a gloss finish on both sides.
100# Matte Text: High quality, heavy text weight paper stock with a satin/dull finish on both sides.
80# Gloss Cover: High quality, medium cover weight paper stock with a gloss finish on both sides.
80# Matte Cover: High quality, medium cover weight paper stock with a satin/dull finish on both sides.
100# Gloss Cover: High quality, heavier cover weight paper stock with a gloss finish on both sides.
100# Matte Cover: High quality, heavier cover weight paper stock with a satin/dull finish on both sides.

Document size: Same size as final trim size of piece

Bleed: Set your bleed to .125" on all sides

Safe Area: Set your margins to .125" and keep all important elements (logos, text, and images that do not bleed) within these margins

Resolution: 300 PPI for all images is strongly recommended for best print quality

File Type: PDFs are preferred

Uploading files: You can upload files directly to this product page by clicking "Upload Your File & Order Now". Or, if you prefer to send your files a different way, you can send files here.

If you need any help with creating your print ready artwork, please give us a call at 800-227-7377 or email us at

Proofing: After you place your order and upload your artwork, our prepress team will begin inspecting your files to ensure your document size, bleed lines, margins, image resolution, and more are correct in order for the best print quality. They will email you a soft proof (PDF) for your approval prior to printing. Most proofs are sent within 1 business day of order placement; more complex art files can sometimes take longer. Soft proofing is an easy way to see what your finished product will look like and make sure the content is correct. However, soft proofing is not intended for exact color matching. Every monitor displays color differently, and on backlit screens, colors may appear lighter than the actual colors contained in your files. If color matching is critical, please give us a call at 800-227-7377 to order a hard proof.

Production Time: Production time begins after proof approval and is the time required to produce your order before it ships. It is calculated in business days, starting at the next occurrence of 9:00 AM Eastern on the 1st business day after the proof is approved. U.S. Press is closed Saturdays, Sundays and all major holidays; thus, these days are not included in the production schedule.

Shipping Transit Time: Once production is complete, your order will ship out via the shipping method you select at checkout. All of our orders ship from our location in Valdosta, Georgia. The transit map below shows expected transit time from our plant in Valdosta to your location based on FedEx Ground shipping. Alternatively, you can select an expedited shipping method (FedEx Express Saver - 3 business day transit), FedEx 2nd Day Air (2 business day transit), or FedEx Overnight Standard (1 business day transit).

Our optional print ready custom brochure templates offer an easy way to set up your design to be printed at maximum quality.  Simply select the size and fold of the brochure you need, select your preferred file type, and follow the guidelines for safe area, margins, bleed lines and resolution. Once your artwork is complete, upload your file and order your custome brochure today!

Tri-Fold Templates

Half-Fold Templates

Barrel Fold Templates

Z-Fold Templates

Double Parallel Templates

How to Start Your Direct Mail Brochure Campaign with U.S. Press

Select Your Brochure Details

Start by choosing your brochure size, quantity, and paper with our instant calculator above. Next, answer the questions above about leftover brochures, duplicate removal, and NCOA forwarding.

Get an Instant Price

Once you have configured your brochure product, our calculator will display an instant price on our printing and mail services. Note: Postage is additional from the above pricing and will be invoiced separately after list processing.

Upload Your Artwork and Complete Checkout

Upload your artwork then breeze through checkout. Since we’re mailing your pieces for you, select “Mailing Services” under shipping options to avoid a shipping fee.

Send Us Your Mail List

After checkout, you'll receive a link to upload your mail list. We will then process your mail list to determine the final quantity and postage cost.

Pay for Postage

Once your list has been processed, we will send you an invoice for the postage total. Postage must be paid three days prior to your mail drop date.

We'll Handle the Rest

We’ll print, address, prep, bundle, and deliver your pieces to USPS for you. So sit back, relax, and watch your sales grow!

Estimate Postage

Postage is an additional cost to your printing subtotal and is dependent on the finished size and weight of your piece, the mail class you select, as well as the specific addresses on your mail list. The below rates are average, standardized rates set by USPS and are subject to change. Your exact postage cost is determined at list processing after you place your online order and will be invoiced separately. Postage must be paid three days prior to your mail drop date.

Average Postage Costs:

  • First Class Presorted Letter (Up to 3.5oz / Minimum 500 pieces):$.571
  • Standard Presorted Letter (Up to 4.0oz / Minimum 200 pieces): $.385
  • First Class Flat (Up to 1oz / Minimum 500 pieces): $1.244
  • Standard Flat (Up to 3.5oz / Minimum 200 pieces): $1.006