Custom Envelope Printing

Explore effortless custom envelope printing solutions at U.S. Press. Our custom envelopes will help your correspondence stand out compared to typical mail pieces. Through our custom envelope printing services, you can elevate your business' professionalism and tastefully promote your brand in the process by creating custom business envelopes with your company logo. Start creating your custom business envelopes today, and integrate your correspondence with our custom direct mail solutions and custom postcard options.

Envelope Printing: Creating Custom Envelopes for Your Organization That Stand Out

Whether your organization is a business or non-profit, custom envelope printing gets your correspondence noticed rather than lost in a sea of plain white envelopes. Custom envelopes also reduce time spent handwriting or attaching labels and help achieve brand cohesiveness across your written communication.

U.S. Press has you covered with custom printed envelopes in the following sizes:

  • #10 Envelopes. Our most popular type of business envelope with industry-standard 9 1/2" X 4 1/8" dimensions, with or without a window. Make an otherwise boring mailer stand out and create a professional look with custom business envelopes with logo, image and company information printed on the front or back.
  • 6" X 9" Envelopes. Ideal for small booklets or folded-in-half letter-size documents.
  • #6 3/4 Envelopes. With the ability to fit within larger envelopes, this size is popular with non-profits requesting donations.
  • #9 Envelopes. Perfect for placing inside #10 envelopes for business and courtesy reply mail.
  • A2 Envelopes. Used for sending invitations, cards and announcements up to 4 1/4" X 5 1/2".
  • A7 Envelopes. Send slightly larger invitations, cards and announcements up to 5" X 7".
  • 9" X 12" Envelopes. Flat letter-sized documents, catalogs, lookbooks and more are an exact fit with these custom business envelopes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mailing Envelopes & Envelope Printing

People have many questions about mailing envelopes and the process of custom envelope printing. We've compiled some common questions and answers to help you decide what type of custom envelopes will best suit your needs.

Do You Do Envelope Printing For Church Offering Envelopes?

Yes! Offering envelopes are available in any of the mailing envelope sizes listed above.

What Back Flap Shapes Are Available On Your Mailing Envelopes?

We have three different shapes of back flaps:

  1. 1. Regular commercial style, triangular – #10, #9 and #6
  2. 2. Straight across, rectangular – 6" X 9" and 9" X 12"
  3. 3. Square – A2 and A7

Can I Get Custom Envelopes With a Return Address Printed on Them?

Yes, we can print a return address on your custom envelope's front or back flap.

How Do Your Custom Envelopes Seal?

All our custom printed envelopes have a water-soluble gum strip, traditionally licked to seal closed.

I Have a Large Quantity of Custom Envelopes to Send. What Are Alternative Ways to Wet the Gum Strip?

Many people don't like to lick envelopes closed. You can always use a sponge or piece of cotton instead. Just make sure not to get them too wet.

Envelope Printing

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