Government Printing


Print Marketing Helps Keep Government Efficient & Effective.

From state and federal levels to cities and towns, U.S. Press can fulfill all your government printing needs.

Popular Products for Government Printing

Street Banner

Street Banners are inviting, professional additions to downtown areas.

Light Pole Banners

Light pole banners are a great choice for marketing and decorating downtown squares and retail centers.


Brochures are simple, professional pieces that share policy or other information with constituents. 


Letterhead with custom logos or design elements are a professional way to keeps constituents informed


Envelopes with custom art or logos are professional, attractive stationery for government at any level.

Pocket Folders

Pocket Folders help with presentation of news, ideas and proposals.


Calendars work well as promotional or gift items for constituents.


Stickers are inexpensive labeling tools for government items or documents.

Business Cards

Business Cards are an important part of campaigning and everyday operations for any government official.

How U.S. Press Works with Governments

Governments large and small can trust quality printing from U.S. Press to help keep them effective and efficient. Working with government organizations from right here at home in Valdosta, Georgia to various places across the country has taught us the myriad challenges of government communications and marketing. Our suite of quality print marketing products has everything governments need to communicate with constituents. Popular products for governments include pole banners and street banners for special events and holidays; letterheads, envelopes, folders and other stationery for office essentials; and calendars to celebrate your city or state’s unique beauty.

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