How to Track the Effectiveness of Your Postcard Mailing

Tracking Postcard Success

It’s clear that postcards are an essential part of any effective direct mail marketing campaign. They’re unique, affordable and leave a lasting impression. They’re also great tools for tracking and analyzing, helping your business grow through refining marketing campaigns to better reach more customers in more effective ways.

There are multiple ways to track campaign reception with postcards. Like the postcards themselves, these methods are all affordable and easy to implement. They include unique URLs or phone numbers that serves as trackable points of contact. These present businesses with the kind of data that’s used to make an already effective direct mail marketing campaign even more successful. Below are three methods you can use to help track your direct mail marketing campaign.

1. Tracking by Phone:

One simple method for tracking is by setting up a unique telephone number that’s present on the postcards. This number should automatically forward calls to your main business line, with the total number of calls forwarded through that line noted as responses to the postcard. Alternatively, smaller campaigns can be monitored by having your receptionist or salesperson simply ask the client if they’re calling due to having seen the postcard.

2. Tracking with Unique URLs:

One of the most popular and effective tracking methods is including a unique URL on postcards that lead to a landing page on your company’s website. It’s as simple as something like this: The URL should be distinct but simple. Traffic through that site will indicate campaign response. Additionally, personalized URLs (PURLs) can be implemented, using something like the customer’s name at the end of the URL. This is all possible with customized variable data, allowing our press to print uniquely tailored versions of URLs across the postcards in your order.

3. Tracking through Coupon or QR Code:

Including a unique QR code or coupon code with a loyalty reward or discount will encourage customer engagement and track response rates. This method allows you to strengthen your relationship with your customer while refining your marketing abilities – it’s a real win-win for your business. Applying variable data to your order, like with PURLs, gives you even more unique tracking capability. For example, applying different codes to the same postcard for different demographics on a mailing list can increase your response rate or give a better view of your customers’ spending habits. These codes could be customized for customers by factors like age, family size, or geographic location. Additionally, applying different codes to two or more different postcards can test the effectiveness of each card’s design or other features.

Regardless of your preferred method, it’s easy to track the effectiveness of your direct mail marketing campaign with only a little extra effort. U.S. Press is always ready to assist you with custom postcards tailored to fit your direct mail marketing campaign to better meet your business’s needs. 

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