3 Ways to Use Brochure Marketing to Promote Your Small Business

It is important to not underestimate the impact on your company’s success that your brochures can have. 

Are you aware and know what specific goals that your marketing brochures are attempting to accomplish?  The biggest question of all is, are your brochures landing into the hands of your target market or are they just collecting dust?

Ensure that your brochures are getting into the hands of your target customers.

More often than not, brochures will end up not being utilized. It’s possible that their color is being to fade, or they have collected a ton of dust from being on the office desk.  Brochures are designed to be a major support factor in your marketing and sales program.  A very effective brochure design will help improve your chances of getting your service or product into your prospects hand with clear and vivid details.  So, don’t forget to share or mail your marketing brochures to interested potential prospects, leave them behind at sales meetings to get your marketing collateral in front of your potential clients. Most of all engage with your customers on a personal level before you "Sell" them, if you are in person. Ask about them and their business, like your genuinely care, and make sure you do care. 

Capture your prospects attention by providing information and creating action by pushing benefits.

In today’s digital marketing world, buyers have more information available to them than ever before and it is available in all types of media forms; from digital advertising to printed flyers, direct mail, video, text and social media. It is very important to help your prospects understand how your business provides a solution to their problem by communicating the fundamental information about what services your business offers, what products your business carries or what problems your business solves. 

Every marketing piece should be able to convey the following main points.

  • Provides a brief over of the business
  • Talks about the benefits
  • Drives action with a call to action 

In the first bullet point, you want to share with the reader what your product, service and company is about.  Next, you will focus on selling the prospect on how they will benefit from your business or how it can solve a problem. Finally, you want to help assist the reader to engage with your company by taking a specific action. Those are: Buy Now, Call Today, Visit us... Offer a first time buyer coupon code. 

What is the goal of your brochure? 

It is important to know that every brochure will fall into essentially 3 categories.

  1. Selling a service or product – (sales brochure)
  2. Teaching a concept – (informational brochure)
  3. Brand awareness – (corporate brochure) 

There are some that will have more than one role, but it is important that your brochure cover at least one of these topics, otherwise you'll essentially have poor marketing materials that will not achieve your goal and provide results.  What makes a successful marketing brochure is that it is always communicating your company’s unique sales position (USP) and drive the focus of the prospect on how they can do business with your company. 

One tip to point out is if your brochure is generally brand awareness.  You should still consider placing an offer, perhaps a coupon code or lead the prospect into the next step of doing business with you.  If your product or service will require more of a technical manual to communicate the benefits and features then you should consider utilizing graphics, charts, photos and testimonials, and maybe choose one of our larger accordion fold brochures.  Also ensure that each graphic will represent a benefit to the reader that they can understand. 

There are a variety of brochures you can choose from: tri-fold, half- fold, accordion, barrel, double parallel fold, gate fold and z fold. View and order brochures here.

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