Retractable Banners

Retractable Banner

Standard Retractable Banners

Our most popular stand, standard retractable banners are affordable and easy to use. Starting at just $99.00. 
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Heavy Duty Banner

Heavy Duty Retractable Banners

Our heavy duty stands are durable and equipped for frequent set up and take down. Order yours for just $169.00.
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Double Sided

Double-Sided Retractable Banners

Our double-sided retractable banner is the perfect solution for 2-sided displays. Order yours for $219.00.
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About Retractable Banners

Retractable banners are pretty easy to define – it’s really all in the name. They’re banners which are printed in full color on a quality vinyl banner material and are attached to a spring-loaded mechanism that allows them to retract into their base. Their default position is tucked away inside their base, meaning that shipping, transporting and storing options are truly simple. They even come with a case for storage, which will hold the banner retracted into its base and the stand that the banner is displayed on when extended.

These are some of the reasons why retractable banners are a visual marketer’s best friend. Retractable banners are some of the most versatile and convenient printed marketing pieces available for anyone who’s designing a trade show booth, sprucing up a retail setting or designing an interior – like a waiting room or lobby – with product marketing in mind. Plus, when they’re not in use, they tuck away and store into their included cases, meaning storage is a breeze.

Three Main Types of Retractable Stands

We carry three main types of retractable banners: Standard retractable banners, heavy duty retractable banners, and double-sided retractable banners.

Standard retractable banners are just that: They’re the industry standard for size and display options, and for good reason. Ours run in sizes 33" x 78", 47" x 78", and 57" x 78" and display on the front of the banner only. It’s worth noting that these are the most affordable options for retractable banners. However, they’re made with the same high-quality banner material customers expect from U.S. Press, so their affordability doesn’t mean they lack anything in quality. One word of caution regarding standard retractable banners: Though they are retractable, repeated retracting and extending of the banner or rough handling of the banner can damage the mechanism within the banner’s base. It’s best to exercise caution and not overdo the amount of retraction that goes on with this type of retractable banner. For the retractable banner that’s ready to withstand a little more stress, there’s the heavy-duty option.

We produce heavy-duty retractable banners that are sized at  24” x 92” but are designed to withstand repeated retraction and extensions, meaning they’re the best options for mobile displays transported to and from locations like trade shows. These are the banners for those whose display moves around and calls for more frequent set-up and take-down. These stands are prepared for transportation and are a quality product that lasts.

Looking to capture attention from multiple directions? Check out our double-sided retractable banners. These stands are essentially two standard retractable banners combined to create a two-sided display. Lots of customers want a retractable banner that’s displayed on both sides, which makes this the perfection solution for trade shows, events, and lobby displays. With this type of display, it comes with a single stand that shows two banners--one on each side--which means you can choose to keep your artwork the same or you could feature different designs on each side.

Our Banner Material

It’s our goal to always produce top quality products, which is why all of our retractable banners are printed on a resilient PET no-curl banner vinyl, a high-quality banner stock with a smooth texture and slight gloss – the kind of quality banner material your design deserves. This banner stock is designed to resist curling, so it always adapts to its retracted position within its stand properly, and its appearance gives it a professional, elegant vibe within your display.

Assembly and Care

When you receive your retractable banner, it will be in its retracted position inside its case along with its stand. Assembly is simple and can be done in less than two minutes. First, open your case and take out the metal base and pole (the pole will come in several pieces). Set the base on the ground and turn the feet of the stand perpendicular to the base. Next, connect the pole pieces and place it in the base hole. Lastly, pull the top of the banner from the base and attach it to the extended pole. The reverse is true for disassembly, and all parts will return to the original case for transport and storage.  

Care for retractable banners involves not being rough or excessive with the retraction mechanism, and keeping the display indoors. For an outdoor solution, check out our outdoor x banner stands.

The banner itself can be cleaned with a mild cleaning solution or a duster. Though your banner shouldn’t need a lot of care after it’s set up and on display, it’s good to keep it free of dirt or grime, as this could damage the retracting mechanism.


The uses for such a convenient display piece are near-limitless. Customers remark that placing a larger retractable banner in the corner of a room at a 45-degree angle makes the banner pop and fills out empty spaces in a lobby or waiting room. Retractable banners can make a great temporary backdrop for a non-permanent display (think: behind you in your trade show booth). Multiple retractable banners placed in a row or along the length of a wall or walking path create a bigger visual display that can really pop and catch the eye of customers. One word of warning: Retractable banners look great and are easy to move around, so placing them outside is a tempting proposition. This isn’t impossible, but we strongly recommend keeping your display indoors as the stand itself is not weighted to withstand windy environments. You could, in a pinch, place the stand under a covered awning that’s shielded from the wind. Ultimately, though, we recommend our outdoor x-frame banners for this type of usage, which will give you the display you need without the risk of damage from exposure to wind and rain.


Retractable banners are simple and effective to use for a variety of marketing display purposes. Understandably, customers at times still have questions about them. Some of our most frequent customer questions regarding retractable banners are as follows:

1. What is a retractable banner?

A retractable banner is a type of vinyl signage retracted into a small, compact metal base that can be pulled upward for display. It really is all in the name!

2. Are retractable banners and pull up banners the same thing?

Yes. Retractable banners are commonly called "pull up banners" since they are pulled upward out of their metal base for display. This works due to a spring-loaded mechanism within the metal base. The banners can be carefully returned to their retracted positions for storage or transport, but this must be done carefully to avoid damaging the mechanism.

3. How much do retractable banners cost?

You can order a standard 33" x 78" retractable banner, including the stand, for just $99. Larger sizes and double-sided displays cost more but are still an affordable banner display option. 

4. Are retractable banners easy to assemble?

Yes, one of the best advantages of retractable banner stands is that they are easy to assemble. The banners will already be attached to their spring-loaded retracting frame. You simply need to extend them and attach them to the pole included in the case. Note: Be careful when opening and closing the retractable banner, as being rough with the retracting mechanism will damage it.

5. Can I use my retractable banner outdoors?

Given their lightweight, metal frame, retractable banners are intended for indoor display purposes and are not recommended for outdoor usage, particularly in windy conditions. It’s possible to display your retractable banner under a covered awning that is shielded from wind, but the best solution is to use a display intended for outdoor usage. For an outdoor signage option, check out our outdoor x-frame banners. This is the best option for weather-proof outdoor displays.


6. How do I store them?

Our retractable banners are shipped with a case. When you’re finished with your display, simply detached it from its pole and put it in its retracted position, then return it to its case. The entire banner, base and stand can be stored within the same case they came in.

7. Do you print them double-sided?

Our standard retractable banners are printed full color, single-sided. This is due to the position of the display stand on the banner. For two-sided printing, check out our double-sided retractable banner stands.

8. Do you print your banners in one color or full color?

All of U.S. Press’s retractable banners are printed in full color, which means you can add as few or as many colors you would like to your design. This makes retractable banners an attractive option for livening up a display or adding color to a room while still achieving product marketing goals.

9. What file type do I need to use for my banner design?

For best print quality, we recommend saving your design as a PDF or TIFF. This makes it easy to share the document and transition it into the printing process, and it allows the graphic design team at U.S. Press to access your file to make sure it’s just right for what you have in mind.

All of U.S. Press’s retractable banners are printed in-house by a team of experienced printing professionals with years of printing experience who are passionate about making sure your design translates to the printing medium just like you imagine. Consistent quality is the goal, and you can rest assured that U.S. Press is here to meet that goal, to best help you meet yours!

There’s one final question you may be asking: Are retractable banners right for my marketing efforts and goals? If you’re interested in a convenient, affordable and attractive banner piece that transports well, hooks customer attention and stores simply when not in use, then they almost certainly are! Savvy business people and marketing professionals are using retractable banners every day for a vast array of purposes and displays. You can be too, and it’s as simple as talking to your U.S. Press account manager to get the process started.