How to Increase Sales with Great Signage

Smart and savvy business people know that marketing is something that can take place anywhere. That’s why those who are aware of this fact use their storefronts, waiting rooms or even the exterior of their building to pitch their goods and service to all potential and existing customers.

Think about it. Picture a busy street in New York City or San Francisco, checkered with posters and flags and signage. Now think of a quaint downtown street in Anyplace, USA with sidewalk flags and signs pitching sales or displaying a daily lunch special. What do these two mental pictures have in common? The answer: All the businesses are doing whatever they can to market themselves.

This argues for the usefulness of physical, signage-based marketing, but it also reminds us how competitive the marketplace is. Successful business people know that to take advantage of their business’s built-in marketing platform, they have to employ the best materials possible and arrange them in the most effective way. Your business can trust U.S. Press to provide the highest-quality posters, banners and signage, made with your perfectly-crafted designs. Read on to learn how to best use them. 

Using Signage on Windows and Exteriors

Starting from the outside in, the windows of your business are a great place to put a poster or two advertising sales and specials. For restaurants, windows that face a busy street or highway can feature a large poster with a great image of your tastiest dish. That’s sure to get commuters to consider spending their next lunch break with you.

But you don’t have to stop at windows. If you want to save your view of the outside and still advertise to passers-by, you can use a large banner on your building’s exterior to advertise a big sale or event. If your building has a long, blank wall on its exterior that faces a busy thoroughfare, that would make a great place to put a colorful, well-designed banner.

Finally, feather flags or directional yard signs can be placed right by a road or sidewalk. This method will cut to the chase and guarantee you a marketing presence with potential consumers.

A Frame and X Banner Stands Near Doorways Draw Attention

Some of the best marketing opportunities are those that take place right in front of your business. If your location sees a lot of foot traffic, advertising right around the doorway to your business may be the most effective place to lure in potential customers.

If you own a restaurant, placing an A Frame sign that features your restaurant’s menu is a good way to entice passersby and give them an idea of what items you serve. For other businesses, placing an outdoor x banner stand featuring a sale or other event just outside your door will get the attention of people on the street, and could wind up netting you a few new customers. Make sure your signs have a call to action, especially if you can use that to get customers to step inside immediately.

Banner Stands for the Interior of the Business

A well-lit, tastefully designed interior will please and entice customers as soon as they step into your store. Part of the design plan of any business’s interior space should include marketing pieces.

One way to do this is to design large format graphics that advertise a key sale or product you’d like to move. Design these pieces so that their color and theme match the colors and themes of the space they’re in, but in a way that still stands out to customers. A banner stand that fits the overall space but features, for example, a message or call to action in large, clear and attractive text will both please customers and motivate them to do business with you, without “looking” like a marketing piece.

When integrating marketing pieces into your space’s design, use smaller flyers, brochures, or other printed pieces throughout the space, with larger posters and retractable banner stands on the perimeters of the space, i.e. the walls. This gives the space a more natural and less cluttered feel. This way, you can market specific items or sales to customers as they move through the space without making them feel overwhelmed. If you have one large banner or similar piece you’d like to employ, placing it on the wall opposite the front door and making it visible throughout the space is the best way to integrate it into the overall design.

These tips will help you get started integrating marketing efforts into your business’s physical location. As always, you can call your U.S. Press account manager with any questions.