How to Display Vinyl Banners

So you’ve ordered a vinyl banner...great! Now it’s time to decide how it will be displayed. Determining how and where to display a vinyl banner, whether it’s within a trade show booth, on the side of a building, or as part of the design of a room, is a crucial part of ensuring that the banner itself is effective. This raises questions regarding how to physically display the piece. This guide will help you understand the different ways to utilize vinyl banners to get the most out of a marketing campaign.

Hanging Accessories:

When you choose U.S. Press as your printer, you will receive a vinyl banner with grommets. The spacing is every 2’ to make hanging your banner as easy as possible. There are multiple different hanging accessories that can be used to display banners. What’s more, they circumvent the need for any tools or appliances, meaning that displaying your banner is a simple operation. The most popular hanging materials include the following:

Bungee cords make great hanging devices, allowing you to hang a banner with the attached corner grommets. Hook the cord through the grommet and attach the other end to an anchor point. Make sure the bungee cords are tight!

Zip ties or carabineers are great tools for attaching outdoor banners to fence posts or chain link fences, and will hold the banner in place on a windy day.

Suction cups or even Velcro are useful options for indoor display purposes, and are especially useful when attaching a banner to a smooth surface, like a painted wall.

Nylon rope is the old stand by for hanging banners in all sorts of circumstances. Inexpensive, durable and available at your local hardware store, you can’t go wrong with nylon rope.

Where to Display Your Banner:

There are multiple places to hang a banner as well. They don’t have to be relegated to walls or fences. Alternatives include hanging your banner from a flagpole or between two posts. Indoor options include hanging your banner on the front of a table or counter. Banners can even be hung from the ceiling! These options generally mean you’ll need to utilize some of the fastening materials above and the banner’s hanging grommets.

If you really want to go all out, you can break out the power tools and drill holes in a wall or other surface and attach hanging hooks for your banners. This is especially useful for exterior surfaces like a brick or concrete wall and can be a good option when you need a longer-term outdoor sign. Just make sure you’re committed, as this is a permanent modification to the structure.

But it’s hard to beat the look of a banner hanging by itself on the exterior of a building!

These are some of the many methods and places that you can hang a banner. If you have any other questions, you can always call your U.S. Press account manager for more options and ideas. If you are thinking of designing your own graphics for your banner, you may want to read Designing and Preparing Artwork for Large Format Printing. The tips in that article may save you time and will help you understand what is required for large print. Also understanding CMYK vs. RGB: The Color Systems for Printing and Design is another article that will help you with selecting the right tools to do the design work.