Uploading Files Using FTP

1. Rename the file you wish to upload as follows:

{customer name}{today's date} (i.e. walsh071907.zip)

2. Open your Windows Explorer in a separate window and then copy and paste the following link in the address bar:


3. If you have never used this space on the server to store files before. You will see an empty window in your right browser application as shown below.

4. To move files from your local computer to the server, reduce the size of the browser window so you can move the window off to the right of your desktop. Now open the folder where you have saved your file on your local computer. Then resize the windows and move it to the left of the browser window.

a. This will allow you to see both the files you created and saved on your local computer and the browser window where you will move your files as shown below.

5. With the browser window open and your drive/folder open on the desktop as described above, simply drag and drop files from the folder on your local computer onto the open window in the browse window.

6. Close the File has finished copying to server window. Close your FTP browser window.