Prepress Reference

Errors in document size and bleed can delay your order. 

Be sure your document size, bleeds, and any folds are correct.

If you have questions call our technical support staff at 1-800-227-7377.


The following contains information on submitting fonts, RGB-CMYK color management, and decimals-fractions measurements. Without a doubt this page is one of the most important pages to be referenced when submitting files. If you are unsure about any content on this page, please call our technical support staff and ask for assistance. By taking an extra few minutes of your time setting up the job correctly in the beginning, you could save lots of money and precious turnaround time in the end.


All fonts and font parts should be submitted

Macintosh Fonts:

Macintosh fonts are usually located in the fonts folder within the system folder.

Windows Fonts:

Windows fonts are usually located in the fonts folder within the Windows\System folder.

RGB – CMYK Color


Stands for Red, Green, Blue; the primary colors of visible light. RGB depends on a light source to create color. Your monitor, for example, creates color by emitting light though red, green, and blue phospors.


Stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black; the colors used in four color process printing. CMYK is based on the light absorbing quality of ink printed on paper.


A Color Shift occurs when converting from RGB to CMYK. Do not trust the colors on your monitor. We recommend that you proof the colors used in your job at a local service bureau and get a calibrated color proof (Iris or Dupont Waterproof).


Decimals - Fractions

0.125" = 1/8"

0.4375" = 7/16"

0.75" = 3/4"

0.1875" = 3/16"

0.5" = 1/2"

0.8125" = 13/16"

0.25" = 1/4"

0.5625" = 9/16"

0.875" = 7/8"

0.3125" = 5/16"

0.625" = 5/8"

0.9375" = 15/16"

0.375" = 3/8"

0.6875" = 11/16"

1" = 1"