Best Retractable Banner Stands in 2020

Since the end of one year is the best time to think about marketing plans for the upcoming year, it’s time to start making plans. This year, think big in your marketing efforts. Marketing efforts don’t have to be limited to digital and social media campaigns and direct mail campaigns like postcard or catalog mailers.

Smart marketers know when to rely on big, bold, large-format print marketing to drive results and win new customers’ attention. Retractable banner stands are just the solution for marketers looking to go big and bold in their marketing while retaining an element of professionalism, all packaged in one convenient, cost-effective marketing solution.

Retractable banner stands are simple. A metal frame houses a banner that’s attached to a mechanism allowing it to retract into itself. This makes for an easy to use, easy to implement marketing piece. Marketers that do implement retractable banner stands into a greater campaign can do so in a variety of ways. 

Because retractable banner stands are convenient and simple to set up and take down, they can serve as stationary marketing pieces in a distinct location, or they can be used, reused and moved around from location to location. Their versatility is one of the reasons why they’ve grown so popular with businesses and marketers across the board in 2019 and will be even more popular in 2020. You can install and place retractable banners in lobbies, conference rooms, meeting rooms, hallways, break rooms or any other area you need to. Other businesses that can use a retractable banner in a stationary location include bars and restaurants, schools and universities, grocery and department stores and offices of different government branches.

They’re a great marketing piece, of course, but they also work well as part of the design scheme of any business’s brick-and-mortar location, helping to fill out a room and meet marketing needs at the same time. It’s truly a unique product that can meet its marketing goals while improving the design and aesthetic of the room that it’s in. They’re not at all limited to being stationary marketing piece, they are perfect for any business or marketer that attends lots of conferences or trade shows. They break down in a simple and easy-to-learn fashion and can then be stored in the travel case that comes free with their purchase from U.S. Press, unlocking perhaps the most versatile of all the large format print marketing pieces.

U.S. Press offers competitive prices and industry-leading customer service on all of their products, including retractable banner stands. When you do business with U.S. Press, you can count on an account manager who will understand your specific marketing needs and make sure that all of those needs are met. Personal, main street like service informed by nearly forty years of experience is a hallmark of business with U.S. Press. So, you know when you order your retractable banner from U.S. Press, you’ll be getting only the best.

When it comes to the design of your retractable banner, you can count on U.S. Press to help with that, too. Designing a banner for your retractable banner stand works like any other large printed piece; simply stay within the boundaries of the piece itself and apply your best design. Remember, with large format printed pieces, it’s best to include some clear text along with your design or image, a call to action and your company’s logo and/or contact information. With U.S. Press, you can count on bold, beautiful printed images and consistent, vivid full-color printing on all products you order, including, our retractable banner stands. If you have any problems in your designing process or just a question that needs answering, contact your account manager, who can help you collaborate with our expert design team to make sure your get the absolute best design possible. You’re always in good hands with U.S. Press.

After you’ve purchased your banner stand, you have to implement it. Remember from above, there are a lot of places you can put a retractable banner stand for great results. If you opt for the stationary route, make sure you choose a high-visibility area, without obstruction in front of or around the banner for maximum visual effectiveness. If you’re choosing to move your retractable banner around, remember to be careful when you unfurl it or return it into its housing mechanism. The retraction mechanism is sustainable, but it requires enough care not to damage the mechanism. Just make sure you don’t furl or unfurl it too quickly and it will work as it should for as long as you need it to. A tip for placement of your retractable banner stands is to use more than one to create a wall of retractable banners for a really stunning visual effect. This works great in buildings backdrops or “walls” behind your displays or tables at a conference or other event, providing you with a unique and creative marketing arrangement with a real air of professionalism. Whichever way you use them, you’re sure to see great returns for your efforts.

Implementing retractable banner stands or other large-format pieces to your marketing campaigns is a great idea for the start of the new year. If you haven’t done so yet, let the beginning of the year be a chance to start anew, with retractable banner stands in your lobbies and conference rooms. Integrate them into a new marketing plan or design scheme for your business and start the year off right.

When you’re ready to capitalize on the benefits of implementing retractable banner stands, reach out to your account manager at U.S. Press. If you don’t already have an account manager, call 1-800-227-7377 to begin working with one. Your account manager will be able to answer any questions you have about retractable banner stands and how to implement them into your marketing campaigns. With 2020 right around the corner, there’s no better time to reach out and start the process than now.