Point of Sale Advertising & POP Displays

Attention-Getting Point-of-Purchase Displays

Getting more eyeballs on your signs is the name of the game, and our point-of-purchase displays deliver. We have several ways of using POP displays to get your message across. Point-of-purchase advertising is beneficial for any retail store, business, or organization. Any public space is prime real estate for point-of-sale advertising. For instance, you may be doing co-op advertising to promote enrollment for your school. Or your health center may be offering free blood pressure checks. Looking for new hires? Our point-of-purchase materials are great marketing tools at job fairs (along with flyers and brochure materials that you can hand out to potential employees).

Of course, it's retailers who will benefit from most (or all) of our custom point-of-purchase displays and point-of-sale marketing materials. Our custom-printed case cards can be placed throughout your store, particularly as in-aisle and end-cap displays. Durable 4-color custom shelf danglers are printed on waterproof, tear-resistant PVC to deliver your message and last through multiple handlings. Our custom shelf talkers promote product benefits and pricing (with or without a tape back). You've seen them in restaurants and food courts; custom table tents remain a great way to promote special deals and new offerings. Lastly, we also provide direct mail services to give campaigns and companies the boost they need. Rounding out our point-of-purchase materials are our Tricon Tower Displays. These point-of-purchase displays are hard to miss; they're perfect for limited-time promotions where you really need to capture the attention of foot traffic.

Frequently Asked Questions About Point-of-Purchase Displays & Advertising Materials

What Are Point-of-Purchase Displays?

Point-of-purchase displays are physical or digital displays in retail stores.

What Is Point-of-Purchase Advertising?

The purpose of point-of-purchase advertising is to market products and services to customers and influence their purchasing decisions.

Who Uses Point-of-Purchase Displays?

Retail stores are most commonly known to use point-of-purchase displays.

Point of Purchase Displays

Order Your Point-of-Purchase Displays from U.S. Press Today

Whether you have a small space or a chain of stores, U.S. Press can outfit your location with case cards, shelf talkers and danglers, custom table tents, and tower displays. Each of these point-of-purchase displays can be custom-designed online or you can supply us with your artwork, and we'll take it from there. However you choose to create your messaging, we'll provide you with finished POP displays that you'll be proud to have in your store, business, or office. When you're ready to order online, choose your product and options and head for the checkout. If you're not ready to place an online order, please contact us. For the point-of-sale advertising that's sure to get you noticed, shop U.S. Press now!